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Web Management Services for the Modern World.

Having designed hundreds of websites over the years, we have learned what makes up a great website, and what doesn’t. 

However, building a website is just the tip of the iceberg. if you want a website that brings in consistent profits for years to come, there’s much more involved.

Time to simplify web management.

What you get with our web management services:

Website Touch Ups

We will tailor your website to fit you and your business goals. No shortcuts. No beating around the bush. Just quality web work.

Website SEO

We know how to get Google to love your site. We'll gear all of the keywords towards your target audience and even tweak them should Google decide to change the game.

Cutting Edge Speed

We optimize every website with the goal of making it nimble and lightweight. No complicated code. No heavy images. No overabundance of bloat.

Fast Website Hosting

Hosting can make or break your website when it comes to site security, load speed and your ranking in Google. But you won't have to fret about that. We'll make sure that your website is hosted on a fast and secure server.

Clear Call to Actions

Call to actions are exactly what they sound like. They "call your users to action." Without them, the user may get lost, or worse, leave your website forever. These are of the upmost importance, hence why we prioritize them when building your website.

Unlimited Edits

Need a few words changed? Or how about an image switched out for another one? We can do all of this for you at no additional cost.

Regular Maintenance

There are a lot of moving parts to any website. More then people would think. We'll monitor and maintain your website around the clock and make sure it's running efficiently. If something does go wrong, we'll fix it. Fast.

Steadfast Security

Sadly, hackers are a common occurance in the digital world. There are numerous outside forces trying to take your website away from you. We use cutting edge security measures to make sure that this doesn't happen to you.

Mobile-First Design

We'll make sure your website looks great on mobile, as well as, any other device you can think of.

Automatic Backups

Whoops! You made a change that completely broke your website. Not to worry. We can restore your site and have you running again in no time using one of our weekly backups.

Affordable and stress free website maintenance.

No Contracts

No one likes being held hostage. if you're not happy with the service you are getting, you are free to cancel anytime.

Quality Customer Support

You're just one call, text or email away from the help you need. No foreign call centers here.

Unlimited Website Edits. Seriously.

Yes, you heard right.

Need some text, images or content changed out?

Implementing a new payment provider on your website?

Perhaps you just hired a new team and need an about section?

Christmas coming up and you need a discount code on your website?

We’ll take care of all of this and more. Gone are the days of paying a developer $40 – $150 an hour to make a few simple changes. 

Not us. We’ll do all of that at zero additional cost to you. 

Get Monthly Detailed Reports

As part of our powerful Deluxe Maintenance package, you’ll receive monthly reports that detail every action we performed on your website:

  • Traffic analytics
  • Loading speeds
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security attacks thwarted

Never worry about your website again.

Deluxe Maintenance Package

An All-In-One Website Maintenance Service
$ 300
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Unlimited Website Edits
  • SEO Optimization
  • Responsive On All Devices
  • Lightening Fast Load Speeds
  • Steadfast Security
  • Regular Backups
  • Fast Hosting
  • Customer Support
  • E-Commerce Sites Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites are a lot more complicated then people would think. There’s a lot of moving parts and things can go wrong (trust me: they frequently can)

However, having great website maintenance can prevent the vast majority of issues from happening before they even begin. It also keeps your site fast and secure from hackers trying to kick down the door. 

Yes, we do!

We can do things like:

Change out text

Swap or add images

Create a new section or page

Change colors and fonts

…and so much more.

However, we reserve the right to charge extra for people that are abusing this. (For instance, if someone is asking for a new fully designed page every day).

Luckily, we’re happy to report that we’ve never had to exercise that right due to our application and screening process.

For a couple of reasons:

  1. Because we offer no contracts for website maintenance and unlimited website edits, we need to limit our risk by screening applicants.
  2. Unfortunately, there is a minority of people out there that are looking to take advantage of this package. This helps us to weed out the bad actors. But we know you wouldn’t do that 🙂

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