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We build memorable online experiences for businesses just like yours.

Over the course of a decade, we have learned the difference between a great website and a website that is…

well, not that.

We’ll use our years of experience to craft you a responsive, fluid, and professional website from top to bottom. A website that encapsulates your business in every way. 

In fact, we won’t just build you a website, we’ll build you a brand experience that masterfully blends content, functionality and aesthetics in order to achieve your desired business objectives.

Ready to get started? We’re ready when you are.

Our Web Design Services

Web Design & Development

A website is crucial in this day and age. However, what's more important than "just a website" is the RIGHT website. A website that is tailer made with you, your brand, and your business in mind. We will fret over every pixel with this as our core principle.

Search Engine Optimization

We know how to get Google to love your site. Let's give that beautiful new website of yours the attention (and traffic) it deserves.

Content Writing

A business is only as good as it's messaging. We'll make sure to write engaging, effective content that represents you and your business the way it was meant to be told.

Shopify Web Design

We have built our fair share of Shopify websites, and we will happily do the same for you. We'll create you a customized Shopify website that will convert your traffic into paying customers.

Wordpress Specialists

We know WordPress like we know the back of our own hands. We will build you a sleek, beautiful WordPress website with tons of scalability.

Ecommerce Web Design

Crimson Digital thrives on building focused, engaging ecommerce experiences. We will build you a fluid, functioning, and optimized website that provides a top of the line user experience for your customers.

Responsive Web Design

Desktop is becoming more and more obsolete by the day. It is crucial to have a website designed for mobile, first and foremost. We'll make sure your website looks great on all devices.

Video Scripting, Direction, & Production

Need a commercial for your product? How about a fun video that you can post on your social media account? We utilize all of the latest technology and editing software to give you a video that you will be proud to show off.


People are super busy. Always on the go. Always somewhere to be. Don't expect anyone to wait around for your website to load for 12 seconds. Otherwise, you may lose them forever (seriously). We can improve your website load speed dramatically.


No Hidden fees

No confusing quotes and no over the top contracts. No one likes to be held hostage.


24/7 Customer Support

No foreign call centers or robots here. The help you need is a quick text, call or email away.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We not only want you to love your website, we want you to love the experience.

So why choose us? Here's 6 reasons to start with.

Premium Quality

We like to roll up our sleeves, take our time and give each website the quality love that it deserves. Above all, we want to make sure that your website not only meets your expectations, but drastically exceeds them.​

On Time Delivery

Crimson Digital thrives on delivering in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of the work in the process. We provide regular status updates that keep our clients in the loop from the ideation process right up to the launch of their website.​

We Know SEO

We know how to get Google to love your website using high quality content and targeted keywords. We will utilize one of our SEO specialists to get your business the results it deserves.

V.I.P Treatment

Don't worry about all that code mumbo jumbo. That's our job. Let us handle all of the technical web stuff and let you focus on what you truly love: running your business!

Impactful Designs

We don't just want your website to look great, we want it to inspire. We'll craft you a website and brand that perfectly encapsulates you and your business. Most importantly, we'll build you a website that converts.

Masters Of CFA

What is CFA you ask? CFA stands for content, functionality, and aesthetics - everything that a great website does right. We have learned over our numerous years of building websites how to masterfully blend all 3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is: it depends. Every project is different and unique so we like to determine the cost on a per-project basis. We’ll meet with you to discuss your website needs, goals, and any features you would like. We will then gauge the scope of the project and get back to you with a quote via email or a phone call.

We usually use WordPress for most of our client’s websites but we also do a lot of work with other platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and many others. It just depends on the client’s needs.

However, we will have this worked out with you before we start.

Yes! Not a problem. We’re flexible and can accept change orders in the middle of a project should you require it. 

Keep in mind though that with extra features comes more time and more work. We will re-adjust the original quote price to incorporate the new features and give you a heads up before you give the okay.

Of course! We would never hold your website hostage from you (if any other agencies are, that’s a pretty big red flag).

When your website is completed, we will give you full access to it so you can log in anytime and make changes.

If you’re making a change and the site explodes into a million pieces (yikes!), no need to worry. We will restore your website like it never happened using one of our daily backups.  

Of course, if making website edits isn’t your thing, we’d be happy to maintain it for you. 

Of course! You will have ownership rights to your website and all the content within it now and forever.

We're Ready when you are

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